Private Media Group Elects New Board of Directors

LAS VEGAS — The results of Private Media Group shareholder’s meeting announcing the company’s new board of directors were revealed today.

The report, filed with government regulators, sets forth the names of the persons elected as directors of Private for the coming year.

The new board comprises the following directors: Eric Johnson, Ilan Bunimovitz, Anna Maksimova, Michael Martinez, James McCormick and Charles William Prast.

Each of the new board members received more than 12 million voted shares, while Johnson received 17 million voted shares.

Two proposals were presented at the meeting for approval. One was to elect six directors, the second was to ratify the appointment of BDO Auditores SL as the company’s independent public accountants for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31.

Johnson, who also is CEO of Private unit Sureflix Digital Distribution, was appointed receiver of the Barcelona-based company three months ago. He also is currently carrying out the chief executive responsibilities following the suspension of former CEO Berth Milton.

Johnson also serves as Private's CFO and corporate secretary until one is appointed.