Gamma Launches New Promo Code Tool

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment has launched a promo code tool for its network of affiliate programs.

The tool allows affiliates the chance to create and manage their own custom promotional codes, offering an opportunity for affiliates from different markets to promote packages that will better convert their traffic, the company said.

"We anticipate many of our affiliates will gravitate towards this tool," said Karl Bernard, president of Gamma Entertainment. "From DVD and novelty retailers to those who promote through social media, promo codes are a powerful incentive that can be taken advantage of by all types of affiliates."

Features of the tool include the option to select from a series of price packages, set an expiration date, and caps on the number of times each promo code can be used.

Additional options include a customizable overlay that appears when a surfer enters the promo code and an anti-skimming system to avoid sale theft between affiliates.

"We offer a selection of standard promo prices to choose from, based on what we have seen convert well," Bernard said. "We will also offer additional packages on a per-case basis."

Each promo code created by a Gamma affiliate will be attached to their advertiser I.D., so every sale generated through a promo code will be reflected in their revenue share or PPS stats.

The promo code section is accessible in the header menu of Gamma’s affiliate account.