Kheper Games Releases 'Fetish Seductions'

SEATTLE — Kheper Games, Inc. has announced the release of its new role playing game, Fetish Seductions.

The company said the game offers a variety of fantasy scenarios and props for couples who wish to safely explore the fetish world.

This adventurous kit includes everything needed to safely experiment with popular fetishes including 36 fetish seductions cards, two ropes, eye mask, candle, feather tickler, instructions and two die.

Rules and game cards are translated into English, Spanish, German and French.

“Fetishes do not have to be intimidating. Some can be quite fun and playful. This set allows couples to engage in food play with Sploshing, get kinky with high heels, experiment with video — taping, furry fabrics, and much more,“ said CEO Brian Pellham.

He added, “Fetish Seductions is a game of experimentation and excitement.”

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