Rob Black Launches Site for Namesake Production Company

LOS ANGELES — Rob Black told XBIZ he has launched the website for his new namesake production company at

The veteran producer/director said the site contains all the information about his latest movies in addition to an extensive personal photo gallery that includes candid shots from the set, and even a few shots taken during his incarceration.

All of Black’s 2011 productions, including “Rezervoir Doggs” (Exquisite Films), “Taxi Driver” (Sensuous Diamond/Pleasure Dynasty/Exile) “Training Day” (Pleasure Dynasty), “Iron Man XXX” (Extreme Comixxx) and “Super Girl XXX” (Extreme Comixxx), are available for sale or download on the site.

In addition, Black has posted links to YouTube trailers of some of his top movies that have been edited to music.

But perhaps the most notable debut on the site is the first look at a five-minute trailer previewing an upcoming documentary about Black. The making of "Obscenery: The Documentary" started in 2003, when Black’s federal obscenity prosecution began. He said the filming intensified in 2008, about a year before he and his wife Lizzy Borden went to prison.

In the documentary Black relates various anecdotes about how he shared a prison dorm with George Jung, whose life story was portrayed in the 2001 film “Blow," among other revelations.

“It’s about my return and triumph after nine years, going from nothing to rich, to back to nothing and going to prison and now being back on top. So it’s a great story for them,” Black explained, noting that “Obscenery” is due to be released nationwide in March.

Black said the site also has a blog in which he’ll write about his daily experiences and points of view.

“It could be politics, it could be porn. Who knows what I will write about,” Black said. “This is your one-stop to get up to speed on everything that’s Rob Black.”

Pictured: Black, far right, on the set of “Rezervoir Doggs” for Exquisite Films in 2011.