'Eros Progressive Business' Honor to Be Presented at XBIZ Awards

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — The Australian Sex Party’s (ASP) second Eros Progressive Business Award will be presented to shared winners, Windsor Wholesale Australia and Swiss Navy, at the 2012 XBIZ Awards on Jan. 10.

The prestigious honor is going to two businesses that have joined together to support the political work of the ASP and to promote a responsible, modern adult industry.

The ASP said Windsor Wholesale is one Australia's expanding adult distributors and has been a strong supporter of the Eros Association and the ASP since their inception. They are leading corporate citizens in Australia's adult industry and have done everything from handing out how-to-vote cards in the rain on election day, to providing financial support.

Windsor Wholesale director, David Watt said, "There aren't too many political parties around with policies that actively support the rights of the adult industry. So when that happens you have to get behind it. We will continue to assist in the shaping of our very proud profession for many years to come."

The other shared winner is MD Science Lab, parent company for Swiss Navy. Spokesperson Randy Withers said, "To win this award is a great honor. We thank Eros for recognizing our commitment to our clients and theirs. We give a special thanks to Windsor Wholesale. They represent us with the energy and commitment that makes our job fun and easy."

Swiss Navy and its Australian distributor Windsor Wholesale, have creatively supported the SexParty by producing a lube sample how to vote card that made the ASP the first political party in the world to be sponsored by a lube company.

Windsor managing director Sue Peran said, "While we have seen the mainstreaming and broad acceptance of our industry this century we have also seen growing political pressure from our opponents. It is incumbent on our industry to support organizations like Eros and the Australian Sex Party to ensure that they are successful in articulately countering these groups."

ASP President Fiona Patten said, "We have handed out nearly 50,000 of these cards at public events, train stations, night clubs and rallies. They have proven to be a great way of getting a short message about the party out to voters in the lead up to elections. One fellow at a train station said to me on receiving the lube sample, ‘at last ... a political party that cares how they fuck you over.’

"We think that it shows a very progressive attitude for adult companies to get behind a political movement like the Sex Party and it is something new for the general public to see the adult industry publicly getting involved with the political process."

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