DreamstarCash Launches Content Publishing Program

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — DreamstarCash.com, the people behind PornTube.com and 4Tube.com, today announced the launch of a Content Publishing Program.

“We spoke extensively with content owners and listened to their experiences of using existing CPP’s,” said Steve Matthyssen, founder of DreamstarCash.

“It was clear that they needed a robust platform where they could queue unlimited clips for upload, easily schedule the release dates of those clips and above all, have a reliable upload framework that when they do upload a video, they know it will get to us. So, that is what we built.”

“The content producer will benefit from brand exposure with the usual promotional banner and text link that will sit under the video player when their video plays,” said JT, who recently joined DreamstarCash and who was part of the CPP at YouPorn.com for more than 2,000 brands.

“However, from my vast experience with the YouPorn CPP model, I understand what the user is looking for,” he said. “So with that in mind, we have decided to reward the content owners who upload clips of 10 minutes or longer by removing our affiliate links from these banners and text links. That means that the content producer will keep 100 percent of the revenue generated from our traffic.”

PornTube.com said it will work closely with content producers and provide them with its best practices and guidelines to make the most from their content.

These guidelines are designed to help producers create the best clips and will allow them to see the best results possible.

“If a content owner is willing to upload their content to a tube site, then they need to know how to make that video stand out,” JT said. “I handled more than 370 million monthly users at YouPorn so I have a good idea on what works.”

The features of the PornTube.com CPP include queue unlimited clips for upload, at-a-glance stats dashboard with csv export, auto suggested tags for keywords and others.