Yuval Kijel to Depart PussyCash

LOS ANGELES — After nearly six years, Yuval Kijel is stepping down from his position as vice president of sales and marketing at PussyCash/ImLive, effective in February.

Kijel said he made the decision after realizing it was time to pursue other challenges.

“After many years in this great organization, I feel I need a new drive to create new things,” Kijel wrote in an XBIZ.net post.

“I have given all my experience, knowledge and energy to the company, and we grew together over the course of years to become an Ivy League affiliate program, the leader in webcam affiliate programs. I have had the privilege and pride to work with a great team and together we established one of the biggest brands in adult industry.”

Kijel added that he has had countless adventures, experiences and great memories with PussyCash that he will remember for years to come.

“The best thing I take from those years is the great people I met in the company and in the industry, the friends I have and the relationships I will carry going forward,” he said.

“This industry is full with great people, and I have had the luck to meet many of them and establish great friendships. The PussyCash business is in the great hands of the well-established PussyCash team and I wish them all the best and I know they will continue leading this market.”

Kijel can be reached at ykijel@gmail.com.