Anabolic Enters Distribution Deal With Packman Industries

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Anabolic Video has reached an exclusive distribution deal with Russ Pascale's new company Packman Industries.

Christopher Alexander, president of Anabolic, said that Packman will distributor all Anabolic DVD's effective immediately. On a non-exclusive basis Packman will also be able to supply distributors and customers alike with with other Anabolic products such as toys, lube, clothing, broadcast licensing, pills and other related products.

The two said that with Pascale's 30 years of sales and marketing experience and Alexander's 20-year background in production that teaming up was an ideal scenario.

"Anabolic is one of the top names in the industry, and has been an incredible innovator in the gonzo market," Pascale said. 

Anabolic's signature series "The Gangbang Girl"  will be one of their first 2012 releases, while the company is also in pre-production on the next "Bring' Em Young" volume, the 29th of the line "where every girl is a teenager – guaranteed."

Alexander remarked, "I'm excited to get back into production. My first task at hand will be interviewing of the best prospective talent on all levels, directors, camera men, jib operators, editors, and the all important perfect casting of male and female performers. Of course, all Anabolic new releases will  be shot in HD to the highest technical standards and with the same commitment to excellence trademark that Anabolic has long been known for."

Pascale added, "I've worked with a few different very well known studios over the years. The thing that I got from those other companies is knowledge, different knowledge from every company. Now, I've brought all that experience and knowledge together and opened Packman. Since Anabolic has always been one of my favorite companies, it seemed only natural that we unite forces, implement some new strategies, introduce some new products, and without wasting any time get some great new movies not just out there but right to the top of the sales charts."