Platinum Stages Rolls Out New Stripper Pole

Lyla Katz

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Fitness dance and stripper pole manufacturer Platinum Stages has released its Star Stand Alone stripper pole.

The company said the new freestanding stripper pole combines quality, convenience, technology and portability.

The new pole allows for approximately 7.5 feet (229cm) of usable pole space and fits underneath an 8-foot (244cm) ceiling.

The base of this unit is divided into eight different lightweight pieces (each weighing less than 9 pounds) and the actual pole is made up of multiple sections making it easy to transport and assemble.

“The completely freestanding Star Stand Alone Pole means that no ceiling is required and it can be setup virtually anywhere,” the company said.

The Star Stand Alone Pole comes in high polished, genuine stainless steel or genuine high polished brass.

For more information regarding the Star Stand Alone Pole or any of Platinum Stages line of poles, call (866) 85-POLES.