zBUCKz Donating Holiday Revenues to AIDS Research

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Gay affiliate program zBUCKz will donate 100 percent of its Christmas and New Years day revenues to amfAR, a leading worldwide AIDS research organization.

The comapny said the funds will assist amfAR in its goal of seeking "the holy grail in AIDS research: a cure."

"Some people may have heard of Timothy Brown, otherwise known as 'The Berlin Patient,'" said Daniel Kaufman, company director. "He is internationally recognized as the only documented case of a person being cured of HIV. amfAR.org is currently working with Mr. Brown, as well as top scientists using the latest scientific advances to achieve a cure."

Brown added that donations to the organization will go to directly help them meet the challenges to close in on a cure and give hope for 34 million people around the world living with HIV.

Although all Christmas and New Years day income will be donated, zBUCKz affiliates will be paid in full for all gross sales and rebills they send that day, Kaufman said.

The program will add special notices to each of its sites in order to alert consumers to the charitable effort. The company the notices should increase sign-ups from community minded surfers.

Kaufman suggested that affiliates might want to consider adding special notices to their traffic generation efforts as well — "not only because charity is good for the soul, but also because it’s good for the industry’s image."

To help with this effort, zBUCKz will also put out a notice on all of its company RSS feeds and hosted blogs.