XR Brands Expands Into Enlargement Niche With New Products

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has expanded into the enlargement niche with additions to its Size Matters collection.

The brand offers suction technology and industrial grade pumping accessories and features a selection of pumping tubes made to fit a variety of body parts, including the nipple, vagina and clitoris.

The company said the fetish has become world-wide trend that has invited people of all sexual levels to experiment with sensation and enlargement play.

“Size Matters is the only international brand that covers both beginner and economy introductory players, as well as the pros, but what is truly unique is our span of both sexes,” said Michael Merrill, XR Brands brand manager.

“We offer everything from cockrings to clit pumps and nipple boosters to buddy connectors. We have a product for every level of user and every gender and most importantly every price point.”

 XR Brands said it launched Size Matters following strong customer request for industrial-grade pumping tools at reasonable prices.

The company said that these products were growing in popularity and XR Brands took the opportunity to merchandise them with design and packaging solutions to appeal to mainstream shoppers.

The collection features vacu-lock technology that allows the hose and bulb to be removed from the pump cylinder without affecting the pressure within, the company said.

The line’s newest products include more modern breast and vagina pump designs, as well as smaller “portable” nipple pumps for a less intense experience.

“Pumping’s popularity has almost doubled in the last year and not just in the penis department,” said Randy Alvstadm, XR Brands general manager said.

“There has been a noticeable increase in sales of the vaginal, clitoral, breast and nipple pumps, and we believe the female market has finally discovered that using Size Matters products is a natural, drug-free method of increasing blood flow to sensitive areas.”

The company said each Size Matters accessory is available packaged separately in mainstream-friendly designs that showcase each item and the size of each tube, making it easier for retailers to upsell to customers as they graduate to larger sizes, without having to sell an entirely new kit.

The Size Matters’ website also has been revamped with updated support materials and in-store posters that can be downloaded and printed.

For product information email Alvstad at randy@xrbands.com.

For product information, visit SizeMattersProducts.com.