Nica Noelle Leaves Adult Performers Association

LOS ANGELES — Nica Noelle, one of the founders of the Adult Performers Association (APA), said Tuesday she has resigned from the organization for various professional and personal reasons.

Noelle told XBIZ she would continue her efforts to improve the health and safety conditions for porn talent primarily with her own research and writing.

“I’m going to continue my activism and implement things on the set that I’ve learned about performer safety,” said Noelle, a producer/director who recently launched Hard Candy and Girl Candy Films through a partnership with AEBN.

APA co-founder January Seraph said Tuesday that the organization is moving forward.

"I've been working on putting together sponsorship packages for the educational videos we intend to do," Seraph told XBIZ. "I'm sad that Nica is leaving but there are three other board members involved so I'm sure we'll be fine." 

Those remaining board members include Madison Young, a veteran performer and sex educator who is the community resources & outreach chair; Maggie Mayhem, a performer-producer and activist who is the education & safer sex chair; and Lori Bruzek, the finance chair.

The APA, which launched in September, is also working with Davis, a legal advisor with more than seven years experience representing members of the adult industry. Davis previously worked under Professor Nadine Strossen of New York, while she was the president of the ACLU.