The Decorator: Peter North Discusses His New Android App

LOS ANGELES — Peter North tells XBIZ that times have changed for male talent.

When he was building his following in the mid-to-late 80s, “there was a limited amount of guys that looked decent and there weren’t as many male actors,” North recalls. “The ones that worked quite a bit and worked well, they got a lot of recognition, but the X-factor that I brought from Day One was the cumshot.”

That X-factor ultimately made the native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, world famous and has led to the type of career longevity that few performers in porn history have enjoyed. And now there’s even an app for it.

North is collaborating with his longtime right-hand man, Craven Moorehead, and a behind-the-scenes tech wiz on a new company called Post Dawn that recently launched Peter North’s Decorator app exclusively for the Android phone.

The Decorator allows users to “ejaculate” over pictures taken with the camera or anything saved in their photo gallery. And while the popshot is in progress, North spouts a series of clever one-liners as he "decorates" his victims.

He introduces the product in a video clip that was produced and captured by Moorehead and is available on the Decorator site and Youtube.

The Decorator, which North has been promoting on a grassroots level since early Fall, has hit the market as the legendary popshot artist gears up for a big 2012 in which he’ll extend his signature “North Pole” line of movies and also introduce a new creampie series.

“A lot of people say who better to do a creampie than myself?” North reasons.

No argument here.

“To be honest, I’m looking for the heir apparent to myself,” North admits. “Nowadays you can find a lot of people who can do good scenes, guys that are well endowed, and guys that are in shape and look good. But there’s got to be an X-factor.”

North, who is set to release the 90th volume of “North Pole” in January, says that lately he is more selective about when to plug himself into a scene.

“You pick your spots and pick certain girls,” he says. “I put a list together of who I’d like to work with and hopefully we get to each girl in time before she drops out and disappears or whatever. There was a time when I took almost a two-year hiatus and missed out on a lot of the top girls. I think there were more girls that stood out a few years back.”

North tells XBIZ now he’ll shoot one or two scenes a week, as opposed to when he’d work every day, sometimes twice a day.

His production company Northpole releases four new titles per month and occasionally a compilation such as “POV All-Stars.”

“We’re looking at doing [a comp] with my best popshots,” North reveals. “There will be a lot of scenes in that. There’s a good amount to select from.”

While North already has some 300 movies in his Northpole library, he says he has several new scenes that have not yet been released all shot in HD.

“The quality I have now is insane, top of the line,” he notes.

North’s point man Moorehead has been vital to his business during the past decade, he says.

“I’ve been working with Craven for about 10 years,” North says of the veteran director/videographer. “Not only does he do really good camerawork, he also works in the office and takes care of anything that we need done.”

In the rest of this exclusive interview, North discusses how the idea for the app came about, his top one-liners and his plans to continue the app’s development.

XBIZ: What do you think of having your own phone app? Where does this rank among all the things you’ve done in your career?

PN: Having my own phone app is a great, creative idea that’s new and innovative. For over 25 years fans have been asking me how I have a cumshot like I do and what’s the secret, what I eat, etc. This is a fun way that all my fans can participate and have fun with it through this new technology. Who hasn’t dreamed about coming on beautiful porn stars, your neighbor’s wife, your hot teacher you had in college? Coming up with something like this that is so original and groundbreaking ranks high in my things that I've done during my career in adult...  

XBIZ: How did this project start? 

PN:  It was a collaboration between myself, Craven Moorehead, and a super geeky tech guy. It started as a conversation about phone apps and how far technology has come in recent years. I mentioned how great of an idea it would be if we could come up with something that would relate to my business and what I’m known for. And six months later, the ‘Peter North Decorator App’ was born.

XBIZ: Who is Post Dawn? 

PN: Post Dawn is what we named the company. It is a collaboration of Craven Moorehead, geeky tech guy and myself. So far this is the first app, but we will be looking to make more in the future.

XBIZ: How did you come up with the one-liners that are programmed into the app? Which one is your favorite?

PN: We recorded about 20-30 one-liners, and narrowed it down to the ‘not-so-hardcore’ ones. We had to make sure it was accepted into the market. In the next update, there will be more one-liners and other special features I can’t discuss at this time. One of my favorites is ‘GERONIMO!’ or ‘That’s one to show your friends!’

XBIZ: Do you foresee any more additions to the app down the road, such as new one-liners or other functions? 

PN: We are working on more one-liners and looking into a 3D-type addition. This is the first version, so we wanted to get it out there to test it, and see where we can add improvements to it. So far the response has been tremendously positive. I guess people really do like splattering on other people!

XBIZ: What feedback from the fans have you gotten about the app?

PN: It’s been an amazingly positive response from fans.

XBIZ: Could you tell me about your cameo in Vivid’s ‘Tosh Porn Oh?’

PN: The commercial was shot specifically for the app for my website and Youtube and it was filmed by Craven Moorehead. Vivid had asked if they could use it in their movie ‘Tosh Porn Oh.’

XBIZ: What other projects are you currently working on? What’s next for you?

PN: Current projects I have coming up are a creampie series that will be coming out in early 2012 as well as shooting live for the fans.