Sensuous Launches Edge for Men

GOLD COAST, Australia — Sensuous has announced its latest product for men called Edge.

According to the company, Edge is a delay gel for men and is made using natural ingredients. 

“Most delay gels or sprays are formulated using lipocaine or other similar numbing derivatives,” said Keith Jones, joint founder and director of the company.  “We wanted to make Edge different and to fall in line with our philosophy of using natural products wherever we can. 

“The active ingredient comes from an ancient tribal herb which has been proven and tested over generations.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and we really believe Edge will be a great seller.”  

Jones said that Edge creates a “warm tingling sensation which helps increase a man’s pleasure while still keeping him on the Edge.”

Edge is also available in a POS display of 20 units.

Further details can be found at or for sales information contact