Lion's Den Set to Launch Internet TV Network

DETROIT — Adult retailer The Lion’s Den, announced today that it’s set to launch an Internet TV channel aimed at adult consumers by mid-2012.

The Columbus, Ohio-based company said it has secured the services of advertising agency WCi to launch “The Experience Channel,” with advertiser-generated content designed around the adult lifestyle.

The channel's programming will be "playful, casual and tasteful" and will not contain nudity.

Parent company LD Management President Shawn Moran said he hopes the campaign will help bring the adult product industry closer to mainstream by speaking to a broader audience. “WCi is an ideal match for the groundbreaking new project, as the agency has long specialized in innovative brand development and direct-to-consumer sales.”

Lion’s Den maintained that popular brands like KY, Durex and Victoria’s Secret have been taking a more risqué approach to advertising over the past few years, making the idea of sex on TV and in print more acceptable to the general audiences.

However, the adult product industry has been trending in the opposite direction, marketing toward a middle ground, the company said.

For the launch of the channel, WCi will design and execute a multi-faceted website with broad appeal, that will be home to the web-based TV network.

The channel will incorporate products into multiple TV shows framed around the consumer’s lifestyle, rather than relying on a few traditional commercials for promotion.

The company hopes the unique approach to advertising will engage consumers on their terms with a message that speaks specifically to them.

In addition to original programming, the site will include “a wide variety of themes and intended audiences, plus expert and user-generated blogs. The programming concepts will be based around education, inspiration, entertainment and promotion of the company’s convenient shop-at-home services.”

“Web commerce has become one of the largest means of retail purchasing, and video content is now the primary reason people use the Internet. LD Management has recognized that online video is also the future of advertising, and The Experience Channel will capitalize on this trend with their inviting and personalized user experience. The website is designed to attract both Internet-savvy consumers, as well as those who have never previously shopped online for adult products,” the company said.

A primary goal of channel is to allow users to decide how they want to experience the site and network, based on comfort level and personal tastes.

To support the early to mid-2012 North American launch, WCi will also produce several 30-second television commercials that promote the website and its TV network, each intended to reach a different demographic.

Like the web content, the commercials will be casual and tasteful.