Raging Stallion Announces New Release 'Alley Cats'

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion has premiered “Alley Cats” and signed a new exclusive model, Alexander Garrett.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Raging Stallion and to be offered the amazing opportunity to be an exclusive is an honor that I only dreamed of,” Garrett said.

Garrett was hand-picked by Raging/Falcon President Chris Ward, who had noticed that Garrett matured as a performer and refined his look to make him a perfect fit for the studio.

“I’ve had my eye on Alexander Garrett since he started performing, and noticed that he recently had done the work that would make him a superstar,” Ward said.

“I was elated when he agreed to sign a long-term exclusive contract with Raging Stallion, because we plan on taking him to the top.”

“Alley Cats” is the first major Raging Stallion release directed by Tony Buff. The company said he adds a signature, edgy style to the new release that is present in the various movies he has directed for the studio’s Fetish Force line.

“I’m very proud to make my Raging Stallion Studios feature directorial debut with ‘Alley Cats,’” Buff said. “I’m extremely happy with the finished product.  The look and feel and, most importantly, the sex are exactly what I was hoping for, thanks to an amazing cast and talented crew. It’s Raging Stallion ‘rough and rugged’ with a no-holds-barred intensity.”

Buff selected an all-star cast including exclusives Garrett, Tom Wolfe and Angelo Marconi, as well as a number of featured performers including Ben Brown, Jessie Coulter, Kieron Ryan, Mitch Vaughn and Marc Dylan.

The performers explore their fantasies while prowling tough city streets.

“The hardcore sex that follows between these strangers is gritty, thrilling and roughly passionate,” the company said.

"Alley Cats" can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on RagingStallion.com.

“Alley Cats” streets Dec. 9.