AEBN Announces Nominees for 2012 VOD Awards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN has announced the nominees of its annual VOD Awards, now in its 7th year.

Since 2006, AEBN has calculated the most popular films and the stars of the year based on viewing habits of the millions who visit the company's network of VOD theaters and celebrated those winners with the VOD Awards.

Nominations are based on minute sales in the theaters in one calendar year, decided upon with a precise, in-house accounting system.

The awards cover a wide range of genres and include recognitions for the Performer of the Year, and Best Newcomer. Special honors are also given for Lifetime Achievement and Studio of the Year.

"The VOD Awards are really unique in that it's all based on what customers are actually watching," said Jerry Anders, AEBN's vice presidnet of sales and marketing.

He added, "The awards reflect the trends and habits of the fans that come to our sites and spend their money to enjoy their favorite stars, studios and movies. We think it's really important to honor those performers and producers who are creating the content that our customer base supports."

Winners will be announced by AEBN in early 2012.

The complete list of nominees can be found here.