AWE Introduces Mobile to the Whitelabel 2.0 Platform

LOS ANGELES — Adult Webmaster Empire has introduced a new whitelabel mobile solution and benefit from domain-based tracking.

The company said the new solution will help monetize traffic and capitalize on brand leverage.

Similarly to the whitelabel 2.0, the company said affiliates get paid for the credit purchases of all their members (except of those previously referred via pps).

“Make it easy for your members to access your website anytime, anywhere and get paid each and every time,” the company said.

The mobile solution is created in the color scheme of the affilate’s whitelabel 2.0 and logo, shows only the categories that appear on affiliate’s whitelabel 2.0 and offers functions such as built in recommendation system.

Partners with existing whitelabel sites can upload a mobile-sized logo and send whitelabel mobile site request for approval.

New partners can upload a mobile-sized logo in addition to the default logo and the mobile site will be created automatically. The live cam mobile site will appear on