Raging Stallion Studios Releases 'Cowboys' Blockbuster

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios today announced the release of its four-movie collector's edition, "Cowboys."

The two-part film was co-directed by Chris Ward and Tony Dimarco.

In addition, an 11-scene, cowboy-themed solo movie directed by Bruno Bond, "Alone on the Range;" and a fisting release directed by Chris Ward, "Ranch Hands," are part of the "Cowboys" collector’s edition.

"Cowboys, Part 1" runs for nearly two hours and stars exclusives Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana and Adam Champ, who are joined by Aybars, Paul Wagner, Parker Perry and Parker London. The segment delivers nearly two hours of non-stop action.

Part 2 of the movie is headlined by exclusives Jesse Santana and Adam Champ. Chris Porter, Tommy Defendi, Aybars, Colby Keller, Lawson Kane, Leo Forte and Wilfried Knight are also featured.

"Alone on the Range" features solos from Tom Wolfe, Wilfried Knight, Tommy Defendi, Leo Forte, Parker London, Lawson Kane, Paul Wagner, Colby Keller, Chris Porter, Adam Champ and Parker Perry.

"Ranch Hands" stars Exclusives Erik Rhodes and Jesse Santana (in his first fisting scene) with Billy Berlin.

Chris Ward, Raging Stallion President said, "This is the best Raging Stallion movie this year. It’s right up there with all the blockbuster movies Raging Stallion has produced over the years, and the four-DVD Collector’s Edition is absolutely the best new content packaged together in the industry this year."

He added, "Tony Dimarco and I had a blast making this movie and the models brought their A-game. Every scene has Raging Stallion written all over it from the hairy and gritty to the rough and rugged, we made sure to give Raging fans what they like."

A website featuring all four DVDs is now available.

The individual movies and collector’s edition are available for direct purchase on Ragingstallion.com, FalconStudios.com, TLA.com and GayDVD.com.

While the "Cowboy Collector’s Edition" and individual titles are currently exclusive to RagingStallion.com, FalconStudios.com, TLA.com and GayDVD.com, individual titles will be available for retail purchase in the beginning of 2012.

Retail store availability will be Jan. 6 for "Cowboys, Part 1;" Jan. 20 for "Ranch Hands;" Feb. 3 for "Cowboys, Part 2" and March 9 for "Alone on the Range."

Retail prices range from $39.99-$59.99.