SexEntertain Announces 9th Annual Webmaster Toy Run

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — has announced its 9th annual holiday toy drive.

The "Webmaster Toy Run" is an annual fund raising event that raises money to provide toys, books and other holiday gifts to organizations focusing on underprivileged, orphaned and disabled children.

The compnay said this year, Paxum payment solutions has generously agreed to match any donation that is made via Paxum on the webmaster toy run site.

A person does not need to be a webmaster nor be in the Los Angeles area to donate as SexEntertain has expanded its donations to include the U.S. and beyond.

The company said that if an individual or group has a specific charity in mind, they should contact it directly and it will insure that it happens.

Michael M, a board member for the toy run, said, “Economic times are tough for everyone including this industry but what I want to emphasis is that even a $5 donation will make a difference in a little kids life this holiday season. You don’t have to donate big to make a big impact…just donate.”

The Webmaster Toy Run is a 50 (c) 3 charitable organization with the federal and state governments, so individuals would be eligible for a tax deduction.

As a small gesture of thanks, organizers have created a “Wall of Fame” with the names of the contributors on their website.