Francois Sagat to Lead Master Class at N.Y. Museum

NEW YORK — Gay porn performer and director Francois Sagat will lead a master class at New York's Museum of Arts and Design on Saturday.

The class, part of a museum retrospective titled "Francois Sagat: The New Leading Man," will include insights into "his personal career experiences [and] his approaches and processes in tackling each [of his roles]."

The museum, known as MAD, also will feature other Sagat-themed events, including a showing of "Sagat: The Documentary," which makes its U.S. premiere on Friday.  

"Sagat: The Documentary" gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Sagat's  approach to performance as an actor.  

Sagat, who recently wrapped filming and production of TitanMen's “Incubus,” has an interest beyond porn; he has been involved in mainstream directing, acting and even modeling (Sagat was chosen by designer Bernard Wilhelm to model his first collection during Paris Fashion week).

"I don’t think [my involvement in porn films will lessen]," he said. "There's some stuff that I'm not gonna do in the future because of that and I'm aware of that and it's fine. I'm very careful of what I'm doing and the way I'm doing it, and if it's porn I’m always very careful and picky about it."