EroAdvertising Rolls Out 'Targeted CPM Bidding'

OSS, Netherlands – Global ad network EroAdvertising has introduced "Targeted CPM Bidding."

With the new solution, desired ad space can be targeted using features such as geo target, browser language selection or frequency capping to optimize each campaign for the best results.

Publishers also can set their minimal CPM prices for traffic from high- and low-quality countries and per selected country.

“This is a great solution for those who want to target a specific ad space, yet a flat rate was never an option for them,” EroAdvertising CEO Jan Huibers said.

Advertisers can now select their desired ad space in the EroAdvertising Market Place and tailor a suitable CPM campaign according to needs.

The ad positions are determined by a bidding system configured and controlled by the advertiser to ensure a smooth run and optimal return on investment.

EroAdvertising, founded in 2006 and based in Netherlands, is one of the largest global adult ad networks with more than 15,000 publishers serving more than 1.8 billion ad views per day.