Christian Kreul Leaving SexGoesMobile

BREMEN, Germany — Christian Kreul, SexGoesMobile's managing director, disclosed today that he will be leaving the mobile affiliate program.

With the announcement, Kreul said that international affiliate manager Andy Wullmer will take his place as managing director.

Kreul made the announcement in a letter to readers, saying that he has fulfilled his goals in building a leading company in the mobile space.  

"When I started more than seven years ago in the mobile industry, I had only one goal," he wrote. "I wanted to establish the mobile business successfully within the adult entertainment industry, and I think I can now consider this mission as completed."

Kreul went on to say that during his run at DisplayBoy GmbH, which operates, the company has experienced more "ups" than "downs" and that his staff is one reason for its measureable growth.

"Over the past four-and-a-half years I had the uncanny luck to build one of the leading mobile partner programs in the world, with a dedicated and outstanding team," he wrote.  

Kreul said he would step aside at the end of the November.

"True to the motto that everything beautiful must always come to an end, I have decided after long and careful consideration to leave SexGoesMobile."

When contacted, Kreul told XBIZ he couldn't disclose his next business step.

"It's a bit too early to talk about my future plans," he said.  

SexGoesMobile through the years has partnered with a selection of top studios worldwide to bring its users a one-stop shop for a wide variety of niche content covering all genres. It also provides mobile billing in more than 50 countries.

Wullmer, SexGoesMobile's current chief marketing officer, joined the company last year as international affiliate manager. He has previous experience as an adult entertainment affiliate manager and webmaster.

Wullmer speaks German, Spanish and English.