TitanMen Wraps Filming of Francois Sagat’s 'Incubus'

SAN FRANCISCO — TitanMen.com has wrapped filming and production of Francois Sagat's “Incubus.”

The film is Sagat's first foray behind the camera as creative director. The first of the two-part series of films will release mid-December as TitanMen's holiday film.

“Incubus” was conceived, written, costumed and art directed by Sagat. The company said the storyline follows Sagat as he transitions between reality and his tormented dreams.

"Francois is one of the most talented and iconic stars I have seen in my 25+ years in this industry," said Bruce Cam, president of Titan Media.

"I'm proud to have handed the reins to Francois, giving him the ability to create and bring to life the amazing talent within him. There is so much more to Francois than what people see on the screen."

“Incubus” was conceived and written by Francois under the guidance of directors Bruce Cam and Brian Mills.

In addition, all the creative and conceptual development for “Incubus” was filmed in anticipation of a documentary film to be released next year.

"I am honored that Bruce and the TitanMen team have given me this opportunity to create my own film," Sagat said.

"It has been an amazing experience working with Bruce, Brian and everyone at TitanMen. My hope is that others will enjoy the vision that we have created, and there will be many more projects in the future."

For a first glimpse of “Incubus” visit FrancoisSagat.com.