Report: Smartphone Use Boosts E.U. Internet Traffic

Bob Johnson

RESTON, Va — Smartphone use generated 4.6 percent of all major European Internet traffic in the 3rd quarter of 2011, according to a ComScore MobiLens report.

The study canvassed adults from five of the largest European markets — the U.K., Italy, Denmark, France and Spain — and revealed that 94.1 million people used smartphones in the three-month period that ended Aug. 31, resulting in a 46 percent increase on the year.

ComScore also said that although the Symbian platform is the most widely used in Europe with a 28.7 percent share, Apple’s iPad and iPod have helped iOS grab the overall mobile Internet audience lead with a 30.5 percent share for the period.

“While we have seen the increasing adoption of smartphones in the EU5 contribute to the rapid growth of mobile media consumption, we are also beginning to see tablets and other connected devices play an increasing role,” said Jeremy Copp, ComScore’s vice president for mobile in Europe.

In the U.K., mobile browser usage is still higher than mobile app usage with 45.9 percent of respondents having used their mobile browser compared to 43.7 who have used mobile apps.

More than one third of users have used their mobile devices to access their social networking profiles, according to the study.