Sportsheets Implements QR Code Technology

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Adult product manufacturer is implementing QR code technology to help deliver key selling points to shoppers at the point of purchase.

Quick Reference Code, aka QR code, works directly with any smartphone after downloading the necessary scanner application. With one touch, consumers can access a full website featuring product information, photos, tips and tricks and even coupons that help facilitate the sale.

This free technology has the ability to educate and inform directly on the retail floor and answers questions shoppers may otherwise feel too shy to ask directly, the company said.

“Sportsheets recognized the emergence of this tool along with the cultural shift in technology usage by consumers and decided to offer this resource with the debut of our new Sex & Mischief (S&M) brand,” said Julie Stewart, Sportsheets vice president.

“In the S&M brand, every package has a QR code that takes the consumer to a non-retail webpage which includes product features and a product slide show with music.”

A June 2011 survey conducted by digital market research firm comScore revealed demographic- and location-based statistics regarding QR code use.

Of 14,452 surveyed 39.4 percent scanned a code in a retail store; 35.3 percent scanned a code on product packaging; 23.5 percent scanned a poster, kiosk or flyer; and 49.4 percent scanned a code found in a print magazine or newspaper.

And of the total surveyed, 53.4 percent were between the ages of 18-34 and 63.9 percent reported an annual income of less than $100,000 — a key shopper demographic for adult retail stores across the country, the company said.

 With this information in mind, Sportsheets constructed a separate landing page for each video in the S&M brand to explain the features and benefits of each unique fantasy accessory.

With clear images, descriptions and even a sexy story featuring each item, shoppers can view a video slideshow with a simple swipe of their smartphones whether the code is on a product, advertisement or in-store display.

“Sportsheets has always been a leader in multi-media marketing, especially with the success of our in-store digital video frame program, so we saw the QR code as a next step,” Stewart said.

“QR codes are everywhere now — from adult toys, to hospital wrist bands, to mainstream circulars and packages. Certainly anyone not already on the band wagon should consider it.”

QR Codes can be accessed by any smartphone with a camera. Users can download a scanner application and have instant access to bonus information for any product labeled with the code.

For more information email or call (800) 962-4606.