Daily Fines Mounting for Tube Site Operators

Rhett Pardon

OAKLAND, Calif. — The daily fines against GLBT Ltd. are racking up.

So far, the operators of the .eu and .com tube sites JerkYourTube, GayForIt, ItsAllGay are on the hook for $6,000 after U.S. Judge Maxine Chesney ordered the sanctions.

Chesney last week ordered the $1,000 daily fines until the company transfers the sites to a receiver while a $29 million copyright suit waged by Channel One Releasing, Corbin Fisher and Titan Media is settled.

Meanwhile, Chesney on Friday received a letter from GLBT Ltd. operators Steven and David Compton, who said that their attorney in the case had been terminated but was "performing without our knowledge."

"To this date he has failed to withdraw from the case as our attorney with immediate effect," the Comptons told the judge.

Chesney, however, said attorney Jonathan Capp of Oceanside, Calif., will remain as the attorney of record.

And she advised the Comptons that "the court does not act on matters raised by letter."

"The local rules of this district require any written request to the court for an order must be presented by a motion or a stipulation between all affected parties," Chesney said. "Defendants are hereby advised that a corporate defendant may not appear in court without counsel."