New Google Analytics Tool Visualizes Traffic Flow

MOUNTAINVIEW, Calif. — Website owners can now better understand the flow of traffic to their sites thanks to Google’s new flow visualization tool for its analytics service.

Senior Vice President of Google ads Susan Wojcicki  announced the new addition at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

“You can understand your data and dive in,” she said. “You can see how users are moving across your site with it.”

Users can sort by many different criteria options, such as browser or customizable details so that they can optimize content and advertising. 

Webmasters also get a visual representation of how the traffic that goes into a site branches off to different parts of the site and they can also see how many people leave the site after one or two clicks.

The flow graphics can be sorted in different ways to see visitors from various parameters, such as the browser they're using and the geographic region they're located in.