XGen Products Named Hot Mannequin North American Exclusive Distributor

BRISTOL, Pa. — XGen is expanding its varied catalog with the exclusive North American distribution of Hot Mannequin, a new line of handcrafted, realistic mannequins.

Hot Mannequins feature different skin tones, theatrical makeup and eyelashes, pre-styled wigs and curvaceous bodies.

“These mannequins look so realistic, and their ‘hot’ looks definitely catch customers’ attention,” XGen Products Vice President Andy Green said. “Hot Mannequins are perfect for displaying sensual lingerie, costumes, swimwear and more.”

Hot Mannequins are available in multiple looks, each with a unique first name. Additionally, torsos, heads and hosiery legs are available separately.

Interested retailers and distributors can visit XGenProducts.com, or contact XGen Products directly at sales@xgenproducts.com or (877) 450-9436.