VIDEO: Opposing New Building That Could Block Its Armory

SAN FRANCISCO — is worried that plans for a new 50-foot tall Mission District building adjacent to its Armory headquarters will block natural light and interfere with the historic building’s architectural integrity.

An NBC news report said that Kink CEO Peter Acworth believes preservation of the 38,000 square foot building — which has become a popular daily tour destination — will be compromised if the new project gets the green light.

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According to real estate blog Socketsite, Acworth cited three concerns regarding the structure: the loss of south facing light that illuminates the Armory’s drill court; a blocked view of the Armory’s signature curved roof; and incompatible adjacent use that would place the building only four feet from the Drill Court where the Kink studios have been allowed to restore the grounds as a legal place of assembly.

A vote on the proposal will take place by San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Committee on Oct. 26 and the planning commission could hear the debate next month.