Report: Smartphones, Tablets Safer Than Personal Computer Networks

AUSTIN, Texas — Users are less likely to have their smartphones and tablets hacked than their personal computer networks — for now — according to a recent talk given at the Dell World event in Texas.

“Hacktivism,” won’t hit mobile devices until infiltrators can access them and gain valuable data or steal vast sums of money, The Inquirer reported.

Citing Mike Cote, vice president of Dell Secureworks, the article said that desktop devices, laptops and networks are “primary targets” for hackers because it’s easier to get information on wired networks.

“Hackers are comparable to water — they will go to the place of least resistance to make money, and this is not going to change,” Cote said.

The expert pointed out that there are 15 billion daily "security events" and the number will double in 10 months.

But the threat to mobile devices will rise as they become more powerful and proliferate.

Cote said, "As the 'consumerization' of IT continues, and employees bring their own devices to work, employers will be expected to provide security for mobile devices. We will have to provide cost-effective options for enterprises as budgets continue to be stretched," he said.