Hustler Video to Produce 'Smurfs' Parody, 'Avatar' Sequel

Lyla Katz

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Hustler today announced the production of two new XXX parodies, “This Ain’t Smurfs XXX” and “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 2.”

The company said both movies will utilize the latest technology in 3D film making, as well as sophisticated prosthetic enhancements to spoof characters from the originals.

"Audiences have come to expect high quality in adult film making and Hustler Video has been able to match those expectations with our 3D technology, great sets and really fun adult action,” director Rob Smith said.

"We’ve booked the absolute best in set design, make up, and various other artistry. Fortunately for us, Hustler has experience in dealing with blue people.”

“This Ain't Avatar XXX 2" is the sequel to Hustler Video’s original "This Ain't Avatar XXX,” which, according to the company, was the highest selling parody movie for Hustler to date.