Adam & Goes Mobile

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — announced today the launch of its mobile website that’s iPhone and Android compatible.

“This project is a key initiative for the company to increase availability and convenience for its customers,” said Chad Davis, Adam & Eve marketing director. “We are excited to time the launch just before the holidays… historically the busiest time of the year for us.”

“Our customers have become mobile — whether for business or pleasure — and our goal is to be as accessible to them as possible and provide a consistent and positive experience for them, regardless of how they choose to shop."

The new offering’s web store provides shopping features optimized for mobile phones including: site wide browsing and search abilities; rich product descriptions and full-color images; mobile optimized checkout; read/write reviews; offer code support; click to call and order tracking.

Davis added, "We envision mobile becoming a core channel for our business in 2012, and this is a first step in catering to these customers whenever, wherever, and however they want to engage with us."

For more information on the website contact Katy Zvolerin at (919) 644-8100 ext. 3121 or email