Raging Stallion Releases 'Rugburn'

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has released "Rugburn," produced under the Monster Bang Video line.

According to the company, director Steve Cruz gives the movie a hip, artistic mood where performers engage in various sexual scenarios set against a colorful background.

"It's fresh, it's fast, it's like no sex movie I've done before," Cruz said. "I wanted to take these hot modern situations and really punch them up. I was so pleased with the set and props, that I was inspired to make the action match the intensity of the surroundings. I think the result is the most energetic Monster Bang title ever filmed.”

The release features exclusives Trent Locke, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan and Race Cooper are joined by Damien Stone, Shay Michaels, Tyler Hunt and Lawson Kane.

"This movie is purely amazing to watch," said Chris Ward, Raging Stallion president. "Steve Cruz not only films great sex, he has an innate ability to enhance that sex with theme and mood like few other porn directors can. He really hit this one out of the park with super sexy men, an incredibly inventive set and off-the-dial sex. No wonder the title has an exclamation point."