Dreamzone Debuts 'Mork & Mindy' Photos on Examiner.com

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sexy photos from "Mork & Mindy: A DreamZone Parody" are available exclusively on Examiner.com.

The safe-for-work stills provide the first look at Chanel Preston and Evan Stone capturing the colorful vibe of the classic TV show. "Mork & Mindy: A DreamZone Parody" is directed by Lizzy Borden and produced by DreamZone Entertainment. Dreamzone said that more than five million people traffic Examiner.com, promising great exposure for the movie, which releases in December.

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"Na-Nu, Na Nu!" greets the always horny alien, Mork (Evan Stone) in "Mork & Mindy: A DreamZone Parody." Mork embarks on a XXX journey as he observes Earth's culture. While his superiors on the planet Ork want to hear about politics and economics, Mork prefers to learn about more exciting customs, like orgies, 69s, blow jobs and vibrators. Mork meets the perfect subject, Mindy (Chanel Preston), a hot, young girl with a mesmerizing rack.

Though Mork can be frustrating to deal with, Mindy decides to help teach the wacky extraterrestrial about her world's greatest treasure — the female body. DreamZone creates a XXX parody of one of Earth's most beloved TV classics, which is "kay-o" in Mork's book.

DreamZone VP Adam Hasner remarked, “Lizzy Borden’s parody captures the fun and sexiness of an entire decade, and we’re glad to be able to share the first photos with a site as popular as Examiner.com. "Mork & Mindy XXX" caters to the fan base of one of television’s most viewed shows ever, while providing enough humor and sex to appeal to younger generations as well.”