Donald Trump Acquires Domain Name Used for Gay Website

NEW YORK  — Donald Trump has acquired a gay domain name that corresponds to a poker championship he founded.

DomainNameWire reported that Trump filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Forum over the domain name that hosts the hardcore MaleSpectrum website.

After arbitration, the case was terminated and the domain was voluntarily transferred to Trump’s intellectual property attorney.

Although Trump won the decision, the name servers still point to the hardcore gay website.

It was pointed out to XBIZ however, that Pink Visual — a sister brand to MaleSpectrum — was never named in the complaint and had nothing to do with the poker domain being pointed at the site.

A Pink Visual spokesperson told XBIZ, "Although the previous owner of the domain was loading in an iframe, Pink Visual had no knowledge of the situation, never registered, owned or operated and that we were not the target of the the WIPO complaint filed by Trump."

The report said that in all liklihood, one of the reasons Trump wanted to be able to control the domain was to remove its association with explicit content.