Milton's Stay on Contempt Charges Is Contested

CARSON CITY, Nev. — As expected, Private Media Group today asked the Nevada Supreme Court to block CEO Berth Milton's emergency motion to stay contempt charges.

Milton, the embattled Private Media Group CEO who along with several board members face numerous counts of business improprieties waged by shareholders, was granted the emergency stay last week over personal jurisdiction that would compel him to answer or respond to questions in the shareholders suit.

Milton argued  that the Clark County, Nev., judge exceeded her authority in the shareholders suit over the jurisdiction issue.

 But lawyers for the litigating shareholders say "Milton attempts to portray himself as the victim of circumstances beyond his control."

"Nevada law is clear that the court may exercise specific personal jurisdiction over Milton due to his actions directed at harming Private, a Nevada corporation," said Charles McCrea, a Las Vegas attorney representing the litigating shareholders.

"Here, [shareholders] brought this action after learning that Milton's embezzlement of over $10 million from the company and his threat to issue millions of new shares of Private stock to himself for no consideration — actions that were knowingly directed at harming Private, a Nevada citizen."

The justices made their decision on the emergency stay after Private's litigating shareholders filed a motion on an order shortening time at Clark County Court seeking an order to show cause why Milton should not be held in contempt.