Corbin Fisher Targets Tube Site

MIAMI — Adult studio Corbin Fisher has filed suit against the operator and users of tube sites, claiming the site has been streaming at least six of its works.

The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in Miami, says the site is rife with stolen content that has been uploaded by registered members and ready to stream to users.

It names as defendants 50 John Does and six uploaders who go by the names "Advert," "Casta," "Trikster," "Worker," "Likis" and "Tester," as well the registrant for the site with a Pompano Beach, Fla., address.

The Corbin Fisher-branded movies that were uploaded include "Noah and Mandy," "Josh and Mandy," "Dawson and Mandy," "Tanner and Mandy" and "Philip Fucks Trey." The studio said the movies have been downloaded thousands of times, with "Josh and Mandy" trading the highest at 99,000.

The suit further said that SunPorno operates an affiliate program that encourages users "to assist SunPorno in its illegal endeavor for monetary compensation."

"SunPorno’s  business  model  also  depends  on  ad  generated  income  and  profits," the suit said. "Each  page  displaying  free  video  content  has  several  banner  ads  and  often  has  side  bar  ads,  as well. SunPorno  awards  members  'tokens'  for  signing  up  and  has  additional  tokens  available  for  sale. These  tokens  are  redeemable  for  live  chat  sessions  with  models  posting  directly to the site.

 "SunPorno  could  not,  and  would  not  be  able  to,  sell  these tokens without attracting viewers to the site by using the plaintiff’s copyrighted works."

Marc Randazza, Corbin Fisher's general counsel, told XBIZ that the uploading users most likely are the SunPorno operators.

"Our investigation shows that it is very unlikely that this is truly a user-uploaded content situation," he said. "Tube sites can be run lawfully and ethically.

"When they are, we see no reason to start a fight with them. When they are not, they should expect trouble." 

The suit seeks an injunction as well as damages.