Venus Berlin Returns With New ‘Pleasure Brand Exhibition’

BERLIN — The Venus Fair in Berlin officially kicks off tomorrow, offering a new format for B2B attendees with a section of the venue set aside for Intimate, an exhibition of premium pleasure brands.

While historically, Venus has catered to fans of adult entertainment with an area dedicated to meeting and greeting its stars, as well as a professional area for general business-to-business dealings; this year’s edition includes Intimate: The Pleasure Brand Exhibition, specifically for the adult pleasure products industry.

According to show organizers, it’s devoted its focus to this market to acknowledge its development and present the high-end premium brands that are keeping the business moving forward.

Intimate’s exhibitors include JeJoue, Bijoux Indiscrets, Fun Factory, Lovely Planet, Minna Life, WOLWIN, OhMiBod, Laid as, Viamax, Love to Love, Tickler, Jimmyjane, Tenga and natural contours Europe — “Premium-, design-, and brand producers whose products offer sensual delight mixed with a dash of luxury flair,” the event’s website says.

Intimate is set up as a horse-shoe style display of the 14 luxury brands surrounding a lounge area that will welcome buyers from up to 32 different countries.

It is sealed off from the consumer side of Venus and is designed to target buyers “with new, future-based trade concepts;” as well as buyers with stores and boutiques that want to make their range more women- and couple-friendly and buyers from mainstream retailers such as drugstores and lingerie shops.

Another new element of the Venus Fair is educational seminars, including a seminar featuring Good Vibes staff sexologist Carol Queen that’s dedicated to improving the disseminating of information and education within Europe’s adult industry, while drawing comparisons to the U.S.’ efforts.

Dan Gasper, Je Joue's commercial global manager, told XBIZ that the changes could strengthen Venus’ role as a pivotal international event for the industry.

“We’re really impressed,” he said. “It really is a global show — they [show organizers] have done a lot to cement their future in the business.”

Venus B2B Professional runs Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 and the Venus International Fair continues through Oct. 2.