Sportsheets Rolls Out Brand Promotion Plan

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has created a merchandising plan for the retail market to promote its Sportsheets Premium and Sex & Mischief (S&M) lines, each of which caters to a separate and distinct target shopper.

The company said this promotion plan separates each brand’s consumer demographic in an easy-to-understand T-chart, sharing specifically what kind of couple shops for each collection — and why.

“We know each other’s favorite foods, favorite songs, and we know each other’s sexual buttons,” one couple said. “We’re a perfect match. That’s why we buy Sportsheets Premium.”

The collection includes cuffs, restraints, blindfolds and the Sportsheet bondage bed sheet.

“Sportsheets Premium is the company’s flagship brand featuring high-quality craftsmanship, reliable construction and design elements that purveyors of fantasy and sex position play expect,” the company said.

The company added that these young and savvy couple loves to use QR Code technology when shopping to learn more about what they’re about to buy, but looks for more price-conscious products to bolster their collection.

 “We like to experiment with lots of different sex toys,” another couple said.

“The price point of S&M lets us do this without breaking the bank. We get more bang for our buck.”

The company said the S&M brand of fantasy sexcessories features the same quality of the Premium line but without the bells and whistles that would increase its price point.

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