Raging Stallion Streets 'Pounded Down'

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has released “Pounded Down,” starring exclusive performer Trent Locke and European model Will Helm.

Raging Stallion exclusive Trent Locke and performers Wilfried Knight, Michael Brandon, Caedon Chase, Aybars, and Kriss Aston also are featured in the release.

The company said “Pounded Down” focuses on four encounters that build in intensity and concludes with a dramatic climax.

"We already had four employees pass out when reviewing this footage," said Chris Ward, Raging Stallion president.

"All kidding aside, I’ve been doing this a long time and I had the pleasure to direct and film this monumental porn achievement. Will Helm is not only a stunning man to look at, but every time we’ve shot with him he has served up the biggest loads I can ever remember seeing. We look forward to bringing you more of his extraordinary talents."

“Pounded Down” is available here.