pjur's Marketing Message Rides on Hong Kong Taxis

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — After a successful promotion campaign on 50 city buses during the Chinese New Year’s festivities in Hong Kong earlier this year, pjur is now taking its marketing message to the city’s taxi cabs.

Taxi passengers can learn about pjur's diverse product range through a video ad clip displayed on screens in passenger compartments.

Pjur said the ads give riders incentive to put the latest "must-have" product on their shopping lists before they reach their destination.

“In our latitudes, when we hear taxi ads, we think of ads on the sides of the cars, on headrest ads or inside racks with flyers in the passenger compartment. In Hong Kong, however, taxis are equipped with screens in the passenger compartment — a perfect opportunity to create more awareness for the pjur brand by way of entertaining advertising clips,” the company said.

And the weeks before the Macao Asia Adult Expo in August was the perfect time to launch the city-wide campaign, pjur noted, as the additional marketing tools helped reach its target audience.

“The classical means of transportation are a great medium for advertisement in a metropolis such as Hong Kong. The pjur bus ads and the ads in subway stations definitely had an impact on the sales figures and were reflected in the feedback from the retailers," said CEO Alexander Giebel.

He added, "TV screens in taxis enable us to reach consumers during a waiting period and give us the opportunity to inform them in the most comfortable, entertaining way about our products."