Google to Introduce New Web Language

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google is preparing to debut a new web programming language called Dart.

According to the schedule for the Goto conference next month where Google plans to describe it, Dart is “a new programming language for structured web programming,” CNET reports.

Two programmers are expected to present the new language. First is Gilad Bracha, who created the newspeak programming language that recently reached version 3. The other presenter is Lars Bark, who led the team that built the Chrome browser’s V8 engine.

In 2009, Google released Go, an attempt to bring more dynamic-style programming properties to C++ for multi-process applications running distributed machines with multi-core CPUs.

Go is now running in Google's datacentres, while in July Google released a Go runtime for its App Engine, which lets you build and host your apps on Google's servers.