Parent Company Doubles Staff, Plans More Hiring

LOS ANGELES — CNV, Inc. the parent company of online retail giant, wholesale distributor and affiliate program announced today that it has doubled its staff and will keep hiring.

The company said that it has added more employees to the American workforce over the last year by setting goals and sticking with its quarterly plans.

“In 2010 we hit $10 million in revenue and our goal at that point was to grow this business to 20 million by 2013,” said Sex Toy Dave, CEO of CNV, Inc. “We’re now about two thirds through 2011 and we’re on pace to grow the company at 25-35 percent annually.”

The company attributes this recent growth to great improvements not only in the number of employees but quality of personnel.  “In the past, I used to only hire a lot of order support people to help support the company as it grew, but recently we started hiring high level programmers and executives,” commented Dave.

He added,  “A few years ago I saw the difference from hiring someone good to hiring someone great.  We now have a ‘rock star only’ policy.  Thus, we don't just want people who are good; we want them to be rock stars.

The executive noted that one of the best investments his company can make is in hiring top people, even if it’s more costly.

“This has allowed me to work on the vision of the company while my people run the day-to-day operations with little supervision.  Right now, we’ve now got a great team that get paid more than we ever paid in the past but, they’re worth it. As we move towards our $20 million revenue goal, we plan on hiring even more people.”

For more information about the company contact or call (310) 358-0932.