Sex & Mischief Gets Rave Reviews

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets’ Sex & Mischief collection of fantasy-play accessories is receiving top accolades from the industry, the company said.

“We were so excited in the months of development; the industry validation has made all the hard work worthwhile,” Sportsheets Vice President Julie Stewart said. “S&M features the best marketing campaign Sportsheets International has ever launched – and the customers let us know it!”
About 95 percent of the S&M line is priced under a $19.99 MSRP.
Sara Lee Goff, owner of Sara’s Secrets and Condoms to Go USA, said the packaging is beautiful, remarking that “The moment we saw it, we ordered the full line because we knew it would sell.”

Angela Blackmon, account executive of Holiday Products Distribution, called S&M the best product released at July’s ANME Founders Show, boasting that “Since returning from the show, all of my accounts are ordering it like crazy!”
Soloman Levy, owner of System JO lubricants, said S&M was the most striking product at ANME, saying that “The black and white design packaging was absolutely stunning. Once in stores, it will create an island of attention in a sea of product that visually looks the same.”
S&M’s advertising and merchandising campaign features black-and-white Vogue-like photography inspired by mainstream designers whose products reflect the same air of sophisticated glamour. Slatwall signage, hanging posters, Sportsheets’ famous digital video frames, and other promotional tools are available to help stores truly showcase what makes S&M a game-changer in adult retail.
S&M is just one of almost two dozen new items that are now shipping from Sportsheets, including Tease the Season, XOXO2U – Sportsheets Inspired Romance, and Do It Games.