PussyCash Offering Payout Promotion Through WebcamWiz

LOS ANGELES — Affiliate program PussyCash announced today that it is offering special $75 payouts for webmasters’ white label web and mobile cam site signups through WebcamWiz.com.

The company said the program is a “bold” move that will reshape the industry payout structure for adult white label affiliates and “make them more money than they could have ever anticipated.”

“This is an unprecedented payout program for white labels. For the first time ever, webmasters can earn money per sign-up payouts on their own cam sites. We have structured the program so webmasters will earn up to $75 for every sign-up based on the business model they chose for their white label site," said PussyCash vice president of sales and marketing, Yuval Kijel.

He added, “Given the dramatic growth and popularity of the white label segment within adult cams, we recognized a need to offer our affiliates another lucrative way to earn money.”

The company explained that WebcamWiz provides a turn-key solution that empowers new, small or large webmasters to cash in from the value of high user webcam traffic.

Webmasters can create their own site instantly incorporating their own look and feel with access to thousands of models in multiple niches.

There are also several types of promo tools available to convert all types of traffic and strategically placed banner locations on every new site available for webmasters to promote other sites.

Kijel noted, “The $75 PPS is in addition to our already existing 35 percent lifetime revenue share program, which is also the highest in the industry. We’ve experience a cultural shift in the adult cam world as affiliates want more sophisticated tools that will help them to cash in using their own domain. Using WebcamWiz combined with our generous payout programs will no doubt accelerate the profits of all our webmasters.”

For more information visit the program's website.