Zero Tolerance Seeks to Expand European Reach

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Zero Tolerance and its associated companies have decided to move forward with a new distribution plan to expand their reach in the European market. Retailers and distributors can now deal directly with Zero Tolerance for sales and marketing opportunities.

"We were tremendously happy with our relationship with Scala, [their former exclusive distributor] but we've arrived at a place now in the European market where we can handle things directly," said Greg Alves, president of Zero Tolerance Entertainment. "We look forward to maintaining vital relationships with our retailers and our other partners in Europe."

With the recent addition of Angela Bocelli to lead their international sales team, Zero Tolerance is confident that its vision to expand its market share will come to fruition. As a 15-year veteran of International sales, Bocelli brings vast experience in product placement working for Fortune 100 companies.

"I'm thrilled about the prospect of further expanding our brand in Europe and beyond," Bocelli said. "I know my passion for this industry will translate into wonderful new relationships and opportunities to work hand in hand with distributors and retailers for years to come."

In addition to speaking many languages, Bocelli lived and worked in Europe for over 15 years.

"We're excited about having Angela on board and aggressively expanding our major new initiatives, including Zero Tolerance Toys," said Marcus West, marketing director at Zero Tolerance. "With our growing team, it is a natural progression to take on the role of distributing directly, and Angela is exactly the right person to be our European liaison."

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