Report: Apple Safari Dominates Mobile Browser Market

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Apple’s iOS version of Safari is dominating the mobile web browser market.

According to a report from Net Applications, Safari accounted for 53 percent of mobile browsing in August and is holding strong at that number, virtually unmatched by any competitor.

The Opera Mini browser ranked second but Google’s Android browser with 15.7 market share is likely to steal that spot in coming months.

Android's strong showing represents nearly 50 percent growth in the last two years.

Symbian at 5.8 percent, Blackberry at 2.9 percent and Internet Explorer at 0.44 percent all continue to lose market share.

Apple’s dominance is attributed in large part to its application across all of its popular devices including the iPhone and iPad, whereas Android is yet to have an equally popular tablet.

The research company said mobile and tablet usage is “now more than 6 percent of all browsing on the Internet, and growing at an accelerating pace.”