DrTuber.com Placed on Private's Litigation Hit List

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — DrTuber.com is the latest adult tube site to be hit with copyright infringement claims by Private Media Group, which says the site has poached and streamed 31 of its videos.

The suit, filed Wednesday, follows the boilerplate template of the company's nine other tube site suits filed in the past year, claiming that "the fundamental purpose of the website is to capitalize on the illegal dissemination and contribute to the illegal dissemination of infringing works."

"One video has been viewed over 4.8 million times! Defendant proudly displays the number of instances in which a particular piece of media has been played on its website as number of views," the suit says.

The suit also says that DrTuber.com's operators allow third parties to display Private's intellectual property to third parties on third -party websites for the purpose of driving traffic back to DrTuber.com.

"Upon information and belief, defendant pays third parties to send web users, also known as traffic, to defendant’s website. Defendant currently pays third parties between $1.25 and $1.75 for every  1,000 unique visitors sent to defendant’s website," the suit says.

Like its suit against XHamster, Private's latest piece of litigation names the defendant's privacy-shield service. In this case, it's Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Moniker Privacy Service, which is the "doing business as" entity. The suit also names 100 John Does and 100 John Doe companies, presumably its advertising clients.

According to Alexa, DrTuber.com's traffic rank is 407, with a traffic ranking of 549 in the U.S.