Digital Playground Debuts 'Fighters' Website, Trailer

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground has debuted the official website and trailer for its next big-budget feature movie "Fighters." includes cast photos, wallpapers and downloads as well as the trailer and other information for the movie which is set for a Sept. 27 release.

"Digital Playground didn't pull any punches with 'Fighters,'" said Director of Marketing Guyleen Rose. "The gloves really came off in this movie showcasing our contract stars in an entirely different way."

Director Robby D., who has already helmed the ensemble movies "Top Guns," and "Babysitters 2" this year, remarked, "The girls performances in 'Fighters' really go the distance, especially our heavy hitters, Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross. They approached this film with unmatched intensity and unbridled passion."

Digital Playground founder Joone, who came up with the concept, added, "Not only do Jesse and Kayden's characters square off in the ring, as 'Fighters' they battle a lot of personal demons outside of the ring as well. ... This is, hands down, the best performance of Jesse's career."

Company president Samantha Lewis said, "Not only did Jesse and Kayden train in boxing and fight choreography for their roles, they had to really embody their on-screen personas to tell the 'Fighters' story authentically. Our entire DP cast and crew should be very proud of this monumental accomplishment."

"Fighters" was shot entirely with a Red camera, the same used in major Hollywood features. To see the trailer, click here. To view the safe-for-work version, click here.

Limited edition "Fighters" posters are now available free to retailers and distributors. Check out the poster artwork here.